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Chain Skimmers

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An assembly of two parallel arrays of Chains driven by
Sprockets with a Gear Reduced Motor as the prime mover.


The Chains carry a battery of wiper arms which rollover the sprockets and ensure skimming of the top layer of floating contaminants and disposed to a collection chamber to drain.

Continuous removal of floating contaminants reduces TSS,BOD & COD load on the effluent treatment plant significantly andreduces the upstream cost of treatment.

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Material of Construction

Chains : MS/SS/Polymer Coated
Sprockets : MS/SS/Polymer Coated
Gear Box : Standard
Motor : Standard
Wiper : SS/Teflon
Wiper Arm : MS/SS Fabricated
Frame : MS/SS Fabricated
Bearings : Standard (Steel)
Supports : CI
Fasteners : MS/SS

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