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Weir Type Skimmer

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Floating Weir Oil Skimmer consists of a Floating Channel with a Floating Weir– which adjusts automatically depending on the oil being drawn-out.


The skimmer removes floating oil and fuel spills, foam, scum, small floating stuff… in ETP/ STP storage tanks,Settling Ponds, Oil Spills on Seas, Lift Stations etc.

The sump of the skimmer is filled with water or water with oil which raises the weir to the closed position.


When the fluid is drawn out through an external pump – through
the pipe outlet at the back of the skimmer, the fluid level falls and the buoyant weir falls – allowing more oil-water mixture to flow into. 

It works in tandem with pump drawing capacity. 


Overall Size 500 mm L x 300 mm W x 150 mm D appx
Weir Size : 250 mm appx


Material of Construction


Equipment : FRP / SS 304
Outlet : 1.5”NB
Temp : 40 deg C max
Out Flow capacity : 100 – 1000 lph

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