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_Vens Hydroluft Multi disc skimmer IOCL.png

Vens Orbis Pro Max
Multi Disc Skimmer

M/s. Vens Hydroluft Pvt Ltd offers, Floating Multi Disc Type Oil Skimmer

to remove Floating Oil on water surfaces which pose severe environmental problems of high BOD/ COD and spill over of such oils on river/lake/sea bed affects marine life.  Methods of converting them to sludges or absorbing them with special media or booms results in high costs, disposal & maintenance problems.

VH takes the lead by offering Floating Multi Disc Type Oil Skimmers which are Ideally suited for large removal of Floating Oil in
‐ Large Effluent Tanks in Process/ Chemical Industry
‐ Oil Bilges on Seas, Estuaries, and Coastal waters
‐ Oil Discharges on lakes, rivers, ponds
‐ Refinery ETPs
‐ Edible Oil Collection Tanks
‐ Oil Cargo Ports
‐ Crude Oil Production units etc

40 m³/hr

Note* : Upto 300 m³/hr

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