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FLoating AUto Suction oil Skimmer(FLAUS)

FLoating AUto Suction oil Skimmer(FLAUS)

Floating Auto Suction skimmers are equipped with built in Oil transfer pump to suck Oil, scum etc,.


These are designed with Floating Balls/Rollers to assist buoyancy and allowed to float freely on the water surface.

The pump suction is connected to the bottom of the funnel. The 

delivery is collected above the water surface 


These skimmers have Oil removal capacity of upto 12 m³/hr. Throttle valves are provided to control the removal capacity

  • Material of Construction

    Funnel & Frame - SS 304/SS 316/ SS 316L
    Ball/Drum - PVC/SS 304/ SS 316/ SS 316L
    Oil Transfer Line - PVC Braided Hose/ PVC Pipe/ SS Braided Hose

  • Oil Transfer Pump

    Capacity - 1/2 HP / 1 HP(Depending on Oil removal rate)

    Power Supply - 220 V, AC, 50 Hz, Single Phase

    Starter - Provided

  • Applications

    Scum removal tanks, Oil removal tanks and Dairy applications.

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