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M/s. Vens Hydroluft Pvt Ltd offers,

Floating Brush Skimmer are excellent oil skimming mechanisms for wiping o  floating oil in large water storage areas with high levels of oil contamination – such as harbour/ coastal areas / ships with oil spills, ETP tanks of oil industries/ rigs etc.


The skimmers consists of two or more rotating Oleophilic Brush or Disc banks – both employed for oil removal. The Brush / Disc banks rotate over an oil surface in a water tank, oil adheres to the surfaces and is wiped o  from the collection surface and collected in the skimmer tank. Brushes and Discs are interchangeable. Brushes can be used where higher viscosities are present – whereas discs can be used where lighter/ medium oils are present.


The Skimmers are driven by Hydraulic motors – for which hydraulic oil is pumped in closed loop from Hydraulic Power pack located on shore and connected by hydraulic hoses.


An onboard pump is fixed in the middle of the oil collection sump for pumping the collected oil to the shore through a camlock outlet port. The pump is driven by Hydraulic motor – from the power pack again. The power pack can be electrically or Diesel driven.


The skimmer is contained in Housing of Aluminium , Discs of PVC and Brush Drum of polymeric bristle type brushes impregnated on drum and thus the overall assembly is light in weight ensuring high buoyancy even in shallow and narrow locations.

Major Components

1. Diesel Driven Hydraulic Powerpack

2. Oil Skimmer Frame

3. Multi-Brush / Disc Oil Collection System

4. Collected Oil Transfer Pump with Hydro Motor

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