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The Vens spray range of oil dispersant spray systems are suitable for operation on land, from inshore and offshore vessels; including tugs, supply vessels and workboats.

Vens spray systems are portable and can be operated from almost any “vessel of opportunity”.

Vens spray systems are compatible with Spray Arms and Nozzles for the application of neat or dilute dispersant. Also available with Hand Lances for use on small patches of oil or cleaning, on land or inshore.

Dispersant dilution level is adjusted by manual flow control valves, and accuracy can be enhanced with the optional dilute flow rate indicator.

Vens spray systems can be supplied with a wheel kit that mounts to the chassis for improved manoeuvrability.


The Vens spray range includes three models:

• Vens spray 50 - designed for operation from inshore vessels and produces a maximum output of 60 litres per minute.

• Vens spray 100 - designed for operation from inshore and offshore vessels and produces a maximum output of 100 litres per minute.

• Vens spray 200 - designed for operation from larger offshore vessels and produces a maximum output of 150 litres per minute.

Technical Specifications

Pump Unit

Motor: IP55, 3-Phase Motors for 50Hz or 60Hz power supply

Pump: Roller Type Positive Displacement

Pipework: Gunmetal & Stainless Steel

Baseplate: Powder Coated Mild Steel

Valves: Manual Flow Control Valves, Pressure Relief Valve

Gauge: Pressure Gauge

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Oil Dispersant Spray System (4).png

Application Device

Compatible with Spray Arms, Retractable Spray Arms for enclosed bow vessels and Nozzles


Clearspray is designed for use with any dispersant which has been tested and approved by a recognised authority


Clearspray comes complete with 2 operating and maintenance manuals, warranty details and details of worldwide aftersales support.

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