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FLoating funnel/weir AUtoSuction oil skimmers (FLAUS)

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The FLoating funnel/weir AUtoSuction oil skimmers (FLAUS) is a generational advancement over existing floating funnel oil skimmers. The FLAUS overcomes all major disadvantages of existing conventional floating funnel skimmers.

Choking of oil transfer tube, funnel due to mismatch in oil collection (funnel's responsibility) and removal rates (responsibility of oil transfer tube, gravity) is a common occurrence in existing, conventional floating funnel/weir skimmers. This limits the applications and uses of these oil skimmers.

The FLAUS is a comprehensive upgrade over the above mentioned skimmers. FLAUS uses a high grade Oil transfer pump to SUCK oil and sludge; that is collected by the travelling floating funnel. The suction prevents choking of oil transfer tube and allows for seamless flow of oil. Additionally, the float height can be adjusted using locknuts provided at the bottom of the ball. Read further to know important advantages of FLAUS

The following are the advantages of FLAUS series of skimmers from Vens Hydroluft, India -

1. Increased oil/sludge removal rate due to motorized suction from the oil transfer pump

2. Highly suggested for oil removal from underground drains, pits.

3. Large oil removal in very less time. Minimizes power consumption, thereby reducing operating costs.

4. Adjustable Float height for variable levels of oil removal.

5. Oil removal rate can be controlled using throttle valve.

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