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Vens KOMODO Portable Vacuum System

We are happy to announce that our new and latest Product VHPVS- VENS KOMODO PORTABLE VACUUM SYSTEM's working video has been released on YouTube. Click Here -

Please watch it, for further details and know about the oil skimmer and its oil removal capacity.

M/s. Vens Hydroluft Pvt Ltd offers, Portable vacuum and transfer system to remove Floating Oil on water surfaces which pose severe environmental problems of high BOD/ COD and spill over of such oils on river/lake/sea bed affects marine life. Methods of converting them to sledge removal or absorbing them with special media or booms results in high costs, disposal & maintenance problems. VH takes the lead by offering Portable vacuum and transfer system which are Ideally suited for large removal of Floating Oil in ‐ Large Effluent Tanks in Process/ Chemical Industry ‐ Oil Bilges on Seas, Estuaries, and Coastal waters ‐ Oil Discharges on lakes, rivers, ponds ‐ Refinery ETPs ‐ Edible Oil Collection Tanks ‐ Oil Cargo Ports ‐ Crude Oil Production units etc........ Note: Available Upto 60 m³/hr Vens Hydroluft takes pride in over 7500 installations of oil skimmers in a variety of industries (Oil refineries, Automobile, Textile, Hotel, Water Treatment) both in India & Abroad. Currently, Vens skimmers are operational in India, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, France, Spain, Italy, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and many countries of Europe, South America and Africa. Our Products

Vens Skimmer Series

For More Details:Via LinkedIn: Via Facebook : Via Twitter : VIia YouTube : VIia Instagram : CONTACT Head Office 29, Yadaval St, Pattaravakkam, Sidco Industrial Estate, Ambattur, Chennai 600098, Tamil Nadu, India. E-mail Get a quote +(91)-(44)-26231136 +(91)-(44)-26248852 +91 739 749 8659 +91 904 361 6099 Thanks & Regards - Team Venshydroluft

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