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Vens' Pneumatically Operated Drum type Oil skimmer enters in India's largest Oil and Gas Industry

After days of hard work and sophistication, our strong Engineering team has developed and successfully tested our third generation of Pneumatically driven Drum type oil skimmers. These oil skimmers find its application in locations where oil and electricity will be a major hazard.

Collected Oil is transferred by a powerful Air operated Double Diaphragm Pump(AODD).

Test Parameters and results :

1. Air motor Pressure : 5 bar

2. Drum rpm : 120 rpm

3. AODD Pump : 4 bar

4. Oil collected in one hour : 6000 liters

5. Oil removed in one hour : 6000 liters

6. Operating Temperature : 80 ­°C


1. Long term operational stability

2. Improved mechanical strength of Drum and Skimmer frame

3. Industry leading noise reduction mechanisms

4. Optimized operation cost

Pneumatically Driven Drum type oil skimmer

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