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Single Belt Skimmers

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Comes with an oleophlilic special polymer belt with smooth surface facilitating adhesion of floating oil in the tank to its surface on either side

3 phase AC motor coupled with Single stage worm gear box to impart low speed to the disc 

Rotating drum with knurled surface to impart low speed to the belt

Wiper assembly with wipers made of teflon to wipe off the oil adhering to the surface of the disc on either side

Weight placed at the bottom loop of the belt to provide enough tension to the belt while in rotation

Can be supplied with single or multiple belts

Standard Models, sizes and oil removal rates

4''width x 1000 mtr length (or multiple) - 10 lph

8''width x 1000 mtr length (or multiple) - 20 lph

12''width x 1000 mtr length (or multiple) - 30 lph

40''width x 1000 mtr length (or multiple) - 1000 lph


1/4 Hp motor, 3 phase, 415 V, 50 Hz, 1440 RPM coupled to the gear box and from reputed make such as Kirsloskar Siemens/equivalent

Materials of Construction

Belt - Oleophilic polymer
Frame – Mild Steel - Powder coated (SS if required)

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