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      VACCUM                          SYSTEM

M/s. Vens Hydroluft Pvt Ltd offers, Portable vacuum and transfer system to remove Floating Oil on water surfaces which pose severe environmental problems of high BOD/ COD and spill over of such oils
on river/lake/sea bed affects marine life.  Methods of converting them to sledge removal or absorbing them with special media or booms results in high costs, disposal & maintenance problems.

VH takes the lead by offering  Portable vacuum and transfer system which are Ideally suited for large removal of Floating Oil in 
‐  Large Effluent Tanks in Process/ Chemical Industry
‐  Oil Bilges on Seas, Estuaries, and Coastal waters
‐  Oil Discharges on lakes, rivers, ponds 
‐  Refinery ETPs 
‐  Edible Oil Collection Tanks
‐  Oil Cargo Ports
‐  Crude Oil Production units etc



Portable vacuum and transfer system:  It is a highly portable vacuum system for the suction of
oils and liquids from the ground or water. The vacuum pump is able to suck oil from surfaces unlike
regular pumps.

The vacuum pump is twinned with a diesel driven transfer pump that will move the product from the
vacuum tank to storage.

 The transfer pump may be used independently when the application suits. The vacuum tank comprises of a
vacuum head and hopper.
The head is equipped with an automatic shut off device, vacuum gauge and relief valve and can also be
used with open top oil drums. 

The vacuum hopper will withstand high levels of vacuum without collapsing. 

The whole system is supplied in an optional storage container fabricated in aluminum with entry ramp, fork
channels and lifting points.

 The Portable vacuum and transfer system consists of three main components:
a) The vacuum pump 
b)  The transfer pump 
c) The tank comprising of hopper with vacuum head 

Vens’ Mini Vaccum Pump are designed to be versatile to be used well in beaches, pipelines and industrial locations. It can recover a wide range of liquids, oils and sludges with a minimum a flow capacity of 25 cu. m. In Vens Mini Vaccum system, Vacuum tank consist of vacuum head with hopper or Drum. The vacuum head is also equipped with vacuum gauge, relief valve and an automatic shut off device to avoid hopper from over filling. The vacuum pump/blower is used to create vacuum. Transfer pump is provided to transfer the oil or liquid from vacuum tank/Drum to the respective sump/pit. The vacuum and transfer pump is driven by an diesel engine or electric motor. The system is provided with trolley wheels for ease of operation at site and for easy deployment.

Advantages of the Portable vacuum and transfer system :

1. Diesel driven vacuum pump with vacuum tank.
2.  Diesel driven transfer pump. 
3.  Highly portable package.
4.  Suck and transfer oil at the same time!

5.  Aluminium storage container with forklift pockets for maneuverability.

6.  Can be used with oil drums or similar if no other suitable containers are available 

It will be provided with a diesel-driven portable vacuum unit for the suction of oils and liquids from the ground or water and the unit is to be provided for handling and moving around with a lightweight tubular frame mounted with two wheels and handles.

Interconnecting hose set will be provided.

Minimum flow capacity shall be 25 cu.m.h


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