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Trash Skimmers

As Per Research Each and Every minute in the World gets dumped by Trashes and Garbages , most of them are dumped through Oceans and Rivers, the equivalent of one full garbage truck of plastic trash is dumped into our oceans. This equals 1,440 trucks per day and in total 8 billion kilos each year. With 80% of those plastics coming directly from polluting the ocean environment in the sea gets affected.
by Using Vens Trash Skimmers we can remove these kind of floating trashes  that's what our Engineers are working for  creating the best Skimmers with an advance level.

The improper disposal of solid waste is a major source of water pollution. Solid waste includes garbage, rubbish, electronic waste,trash, and construction and demolition waste, all of which are generated by individual, residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial activities. The problem is especially acute in developing countries that may lack infrastructure to properly dispose of solid waste or that may have inadequate resources or regulation to limit improper disposal. In some places solid waste is intentionally dumped into bodies of water. land pollution can also become water pollution if the trash or other debris is carried by animals, wind, or rainfall to bodies of water. Significant amounts of solid waste pollution in inland bodies of water can also eventually make their way to the ocean. Solid waste pollution is unsightly and damaging to the health of aquatic ecosystems and can harm wildlife directly. Many solid wastes, such as plastics and electronic waste, break down and leach harmful chemicals into the water, making them a source of toxic or hazardous waste.

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