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Floating Drum Oil Skimmer

Floating Drum Oil Skimmer

The Drums are driven by Air Motor


The Skimmer vessel is provided with lifting 4 points to assist placing at convenient place.


Fractional hp dc motor to 25w apprx, driven through 3 phase, 415 VAC, 50 Hz

Pressurized air is supplied through pneumatic hoses from compressor
on shore.

Special scraping Wipers wipes away the oil and the oil is directed to the collection tank on the vessel.

The bottom of the tank is connected to Oil suck back hoses through which oil is transferred to the vacuum chambers on the shore.

The vessel is also fitted with plastic balls to assist buoyancy and keeps the assembly floating.

  • Roller Size

    Roller size

    300 mm dia x 400 mm to 800 mm L (appx)

  • Material of Construction

    Vessel - FRP/SS304/SS316

    Drum  - Oleophilic (Polymer/SS304/SS316)

    Wiper - Teflon (PTFE)

    Oil Collection Tube - Flexible PVC Braided/Rubber Hose

  • Price Varies Via Customisation

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