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Coalescer Water Treatment


What is a Coalescer?

A coalescing filter or coalescer is an industrial device that separates fluid mixtures into individual components. Industrial process fluids contain various impurities like sulfur, ethane, carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapor, methane, etc. To maintain the quality of the final product, these impurities must be removed from the mixture. Coalescer plays an important role in separating these impurities from the mixture using the principle of coalescence.

What is an Oil Coalescer?

An oil coalescer is a filtration system that removes gasolene, diesel, non-emulsified oil, and fuels from a waste stream. Closely spaced oil attracting media is used in the oil coalescers to promote agglomeration of larger oil particles, which then flow up the surface.

Coalescer is a superior separation technology that forces two tiny oil droplets to 'coalesce' to form a giant droplet to produce excellent oil and water separation. The Coalescer is a fantastic oil-water separator that uses coalescing material to remove up to 95% of all floating oil from the water's surface.


Function of Coalescer

The primary function of a coalescer is to separate mixtures or emulsions into their individual components using various methods. They can separate mixtures both from homogenous or heterogeneous mixtures. A coalescing filter can be used independently or as a component of a larger separating unit. Coalescers are widely used as oil treating equipment.

Working Principle of  Coalescer

A coalescer or coalescing filter or filter coalescer consists of several baffle walls or screens located at different points inside the device. The mixture to be separated is then applied to the filter. The baffles of the separation device screen out the components by trapping them in different sections.

The screening mechanism works using the molecular weight and density of individual components. For example, in water-oil separation (liquid-liquid coalescer), the baffle walls present inside the coalescer separates the heavier oil molecules in one direction to a drain point. At the same time, the water vapor molecules diffuse through the filter element to agglomerate which is then drained out of the system gravitationally.

Similarly, in the case of gas-water separation, When the gas stream with water droplets is fed through the coalescer inlet, they diffuse through the filter element, and exit via an outlet port as dehydrated gas. The heavier water molecules coalesce to form larger water molecules and fall to the bottom of the tank for drainage.

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